PavlodarMetizCenter LLP

Pavlodarmetizcenter LLP, since 1997, has been successfully engaged in providing the needs of enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan with its own production of grids and hardware products. During this time, they have established themselves as one of the reliable and permanent leaders in their field in the Republican market.

Our own production is, first of all, steel mesh "Chain link" of all sizes according to GOST 5336-80 uncoated, galvanized and polymer coated. A CT KZ certificate is provided for the produced grid

Own production – Welded mesh for reinforced concrete structures of any standard sizes is produced on modern automatic lines by contact welding according to GOST 23279-85. A CT KZ certificate is provided for the manufactured grid.

Own production - Thermal diffusion galvanizing "TEDECIN-2" is a modern, progressive method of protecting metal products from corrosion, a new technology for applying zinc coating, superior in technical parameters to electroplating and hot—dip galvanizing methods, increasing the service life of parts by 2 - 2.5 times compared with hot-dip galvanizing and 3-5 times compared to electroplating.

Among 15 thousand suppliers of manufacturing companies, they were recognized as the best and awarded the title of "Best Supplier of TNK Kazchrome JSC in 2022.

Telephone: +7 718 290 68 88

Adress: 140000, Pavlodar, Industrial zone Central, building 270 PO box 767

E-mail: 1@metizcentе