CJSC «Ultrakraft»

ZAO «Ultrakraft» is a leading enterprise in the design, development, manufacturing and implementation of non-destructive testing systems, as well as automation and production control complexes.
Our company design and manufacturing various set of non-destructive testing machines that will minimize and even completely eliminate the influence of the human factor on the product quality certification process.
A company realizes scientific research, engineering, manufacturing and introduction of industrial complexes according to the following activities:
Ultrasonic, eddy current and magnetic testing equipment for enterprises of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy (testing of plates, coils, pipes, long products, continuously cast billets);
Ultrasonic testing of polymer composite materials;
Measurement and control of geometric parameters of steel products;
Autonomous complexes for ultrasonic testing of pipes in the field during the construction of gas and oil pipelines and on existing pipelines;

Telephone: +8 (820) 253 93 23

Adress: 50-letiya Oktyabya str, 1/33, Cherepovets, 162610, RUSSIA

E-mail: secretary@ultrakraft.ru
Website: ultrakraft.ru