SUNKISS Healthcare is one of the leading manufacturers
of hygiene products in China.
The SUNKISS Healthcare manufacturing complex is located in Hangzhou, China, near Shanghai. It consists of several workshops with a total area of 65,000 sq.m.
The company has 18 modern high-tech production lines, where we produce:
• Diapers and disposable underpants for adults;
• Baby diapers and diaper panties;
• Wet wipes;
• Disposable absorbent sheets and diapers with SAP;
• Feminine sanitary pads in various versions;
• Disposable protective and medical masks;
• The company produces more than 1000 units of finished products per minute.

We develop our own brands, as well as provide professional services for the production of products under private trademarks.

Telephone: +7 495 101 90 67

Adress: 115516, Russiа, Moscow, Promyshlennaya str., 11, building 3, floor 2, ROOM 1