Media sector

The Media sector is an information agency of Siberia and the Urals (mass media), whose portfolio includes magazines, a portal, social networks, and information channels.
We are experts with 20 years of experience in publishing industry magazines.
We generate the main news and events of the most important sectors of the economy and business: Agriculture, Oil and gas, Construction, Energy and housing and communal services.

In 2020, a new online platform was launched - an intersectoral portal , which is already visited by more than 18,000 interested users every month.

We work for you:

1. We create useful content – we attract professionals from the business environment, industry authorities, concerned members of the public - bloggers, future specialists, opinion leaders.

2. We bring together industry experts on one platform for discussions, exchange of experience, technologies, discoveries, help to find new partners and new growth points.

3. We provide partners with the opportunity to participate in absentia in the largest industry events in the country, since we ourselves are their information sponsors and partners.

Target audience:
Managers, specialists, top managers of large enterprises of the agro–industrial, energy, metallurgical, construction complex, as well as entrepreneurs of these industries, heads of manufacturing organizations and companies selling material and technical resources.

Phone: +7 (913) 148 81 94