Voronezh State University

What is Voronezh State University?
• 18 faculties
• International Education Institute
• Advanced Training Institute
• the Centre of Career Development of the VSU Department of Innovation and Business
• 6 research institutes:
o Geology Research Institute
o Mathematics Research Institute
o Political and Social Research Institute
o Interregional Institute of Social Sciences
o Physics Research Institute
o Chemistry and Pharmaceutics Research Institute
• 10 academic, research, and production centres, in collaboration with the leading companies of the region
• 51 research laboratories
• Business School
• 2 corporate universities (Siemens IT Solutions and Services, EFKO), as well as a corporate master's programme (in collaboration with Sberbank of Russia)
• branch in Borisoglebsk
• the university library is one of the largest research libraries in Russia, housing about 3 000 000 books, periodicals, and manuscripts, in over 40 ancient and modern languages
• Military Training Centre
• a Publishing house
• an Internet centre
• a free wi-fi network for students and staff
• the first student TV network
• Students' Cultural Centre
• VSU Volunteer Club
• Venevitinovo sport and fitness complex
• 9 dormitories
• 11 museums
• a unique university-affiliated Galichya Gora nature reserve has been included in the Guinness book of records as the smallest one in the world
• Internship
• Postgraduate degree programme
• Postdoctoral degree programme (Dr. Habil.)
• Centre for Doctoral Training
• about 100 more professional education programmes for applicants, students, and other people.

Telephone: +7 (473) 220 75 31
WEB: www.vsu.ru
E-mail: office@main.vsu.ru
Address: 394018, Russian Federation, Voronezh city, Universitetskaya str., 1