NOSTROY unites almost 99 thousand construction companies and is Rus-sia's largest association of self-regulatory organizations (229 SRO).
NOSTROY is a key expert platform for discussing relevant issues of the construction industry. Together with public authorities, public organizations and representatives of the professional community, NOSTROY develops collegial decisions on the reform and development of the construction com-plex, improvement of legislation in the construction sector.
NOSTROY has been maintaining a Unified Register of members of con-struction companies and their obligations. Since 2017, NOSTROY has been maintaining a National Register of Specialists, which includes almost 270 thousand specialists.
NOSTROY is developing professional standards in the construction indus-try, organizing an independent assessment of qualifications in construction professions at 289 sites in 77 regions of the country.
NOSTROY created a Consortium of Secondary Vocational Education. It’s activities aim at strengthening interaction between employers, the education sector and executive authorities in order to optimize the process of training qualified personnel.
NOSTROY launched the Import Substitution Catalog, an electronic service for quick selection of analogues of construction goods manufactured in Russia. The catalog includes more than 4 thousand items.
NOSTROY has been forming the National Register of Fair Manufacturers and Suppliers of Construction Materials. The products undergo laboratory tests to confirm the declared quality indicators.
NOSTROY has created a digital ecosystem of information resources - NOSTROI ID. This is a list of services: National Register of Fair Manufac-turers, Laboratory cluster, rating voting, Electronic Pricing Center, Electronic library of the builder.
In order to popularize the construction professions, NOSTROY annually holds the STROYMASTER, a National Professional Skills Competition and a Professional Skills Competition for construction engineers.
Telephone: +7 (495) 987 31 50
Address: 123242, Russia, Moscow, M.Gruzinskaya str. 3